27 Jul 2006

Fiji's Deputy Police Commissioner rejects corruption allegations

5:55 pm on 27 July 2006

Fiji's deputy commissioner of police, Moses Driver, has categorically rejected allegations of corruption made against him by another police officer, Inspector Nasir Ali.

Inspector Ali, who was removed as head of the unit investigating the 13-million US dollar agriculture ministry scam in 2004, has made the allegations in a letter to President Iloilo and the Public Service Commission.

Inspector Ali has alleged that Mr Driver had been involved in corrupt practices and abuse of office.

But Mr Driver has told Radio legend that he has instructed his lawyers to sue Inspector Ali for defamation of character.

Mr Driver says there is no truth in what Inspector Ali is alleging and the matter should be deal with in the court.

CInspector Ali was removed from the agriculture ministry scam in 2004 and disciplined after he made serious allegations of impropriety against senior members of the force.