28 Jul 2006

Senior Fiji prosecutor faces disciplinary action

9:19 am on 28 July 2006

Fiji's director of public prosecutions, Josaia Naigulevu, has begun disciplinary action against one of his senior prosecutors for bringing disrepute to his office.

Mr Naigulevu has written to Kemueli Tunidau to explain why he should not be disciplined for speaking out against his employers.

Mr Tunidau had applied for the position of the Deputy DPP, but when he failed to get the job he went on local television and accused Mr Naigulevu of cowardly backstabbing at the highest level.

Mr Tunidau said he had been groomed for the job and the decision was not only an insult to him but to all Fijians.

But Mr Naigulevu says through his public outbursts Mr Tunidau has discredited the DPP's Office and cast doubts on the professional capability and integrity of his colleagues.

A separate report says Mr Tunidau and another unsuccessful local applicant for the job, Abhay Singh, will file a legal challenge to the Public Service Commission's decision in the High Court today.