7 Aug 2006

Papua asylum seeker says initial Australian visa refusal made to appease Indonesia

10:20 am on 7 August 2006

A Papuan asylum seeker whose visa refusal has been overturned in Australia says he believes the refusal was made on political grounds to appease Indonesia.

David Wainggai, the only one of 43 Papuan asylum seekers not granted a temporary protection visa in March, says it was like an international bargain.

Mr Wainggai says he was happy with the Refugee Review Tribunal's decision overturning the Australian Immigration Department's refusal to grant him protection.

And, he is confident he will get a visa, even if the Immigration Minister refuses it, the minister has to send the case back to the Tribunal and it will just say the same thing again.

The Immigration Department denied Mr Wainggai refuge status on the grounds that he had the right to live in Japan.

The 28 year-old has been detained in a detention centre on Christmas Island since January 19.