8 Aug 2006

American Samoa's governor believes FAA was wrong

8:28 am on 8 August 2006

American Samoa's Governor believes that the Federal Aviation Administration is wrong in saying that only the FAA can decide to terminate an airline's service.

Togiola Tulafono says the constitution of American Samoa gives the governor the power to do the same thing through executive order.

Last week FAA informed the local government that only the FAA had the power to end Hawaiian Air's service to American Samoa and that the governor's order violated federal law.

The governor told 93 KHJ Radio that while the laws and policies that the FAA quoted are technically correct, its interpretation of their application to the governor's power under Executive Order is erroneous.

Togiola says he carefully reviewed the rules prior to issuing the Executive Order and the order does not in any way conflict with federal policies and rules.