8 Aug 2006

Report claims women in PNG forced into prostitution by foreign logging companies

7:42 pm on 8 August 2006

A report by two NGO groups into industrial forestry in Papua New Guinea says foreign logging companies are forcing young rural PNG women to become sex workers.

The report by the PNG Centre for Environmental Law & Community Rights and the Australian Conservation Foundation, says foreign logging companies are involved in widespread human rights abuses.

It says disturbing accounts from landowners show the need for foreign aid donors to become involved to end the abuses.

The Foundation's Josh Meadows says the remoteness of much of the logging activity also puts the companies' workers in danger.

".Particularly women who work in these places. There are allegations that women are brought in from different parts of the country and basically used as sex workers against their will, and many of these people are forced to stay for six months, and then as one of the interviewees says, 'OK, you go' and a new girl comes."