10 Aug 2006

Papua New Guinea opposition want government action on border shooting

10:09 am on 10 August 2006

Papua New Guinea's opposition is calling for the government to investigate reports of a border incident in which a police and defence force patrol apparently shot dead an Indonesian fisherman for illegally fishing in PNG waters.

Details surrounding the incident are not clear.

The newspaper, The National, reports that PNG defence personnel opened fire on a fishing boat when it refused to stop, killing one man and injuring two others who are being treated at Vanimo hospital.

Opposition leader, Peter O'Neill says the government must look into the shooting and inform the appropriate authorities in Indonesia as to what really happened.

And, Mr O'Neill says in any case, PNG doe not allow its forces to go on a shooting spree every time there is an illegal crossing.

The body of the fisherman is being held at the Vanimo general hospital morgue, whilst the injured undergo treatment, as authorities on both sides hold high-level consultations to determine the circumstances leading to the shooting.