11 Aug 2006

Former Fiji coup convict calls on convicted soldiers to tell what they know

8:04 am on 11 August 2006

A former Fiji coup convict now living in Australia has urged one of the army mutineers jailed yesterday to reveal the truth behind the May 2000 coup.

Maciu Navakasuasua has told the Fiji Sun that former Counter Revolutionary warfare unit soldier Vilimoni Tikotani should stop being a hero and come out with the truth.

Tikotani is currently serving a sentence for his role in the coup which will end in October 2008 after which he will begin his four-year mutiny term.

Mr Navakasuasua says when they planned the coup, "Tikotani was their army connection."

He says "Tikotani was the mouthpiece of certain military officers who supported the coup by ensuring that weapons were supplied to parliament."

Mr Navakasuasua says it saddens him that Tikotani has been further jailed and asks whom Tikotani is trying to protect.

He says as a fellow Fijian he is urging Tikotani "to open his mouth because it is an ideal opportunity for him and the nation to move forward."

Mr Navakasuasua says jailed Lt Charles Dakuliga was another Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit soldier who was used like Tikotani and all have lost their wives, girlfriends and children.