14 Aug 2006

Samoa Party leader calls for law to apply to all

1:51 pm on 14 August 2006

The leader of the Samoa party, Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong, who failed to win a seat in the March general election, says all Samoans should obey one law.

This comes after matais of Lano village banned him from Lano for refusing to withdraw the petition which he says was filed to fight corrupt practices.

A court ordered the matais to lift the ban on him or go to jail for contempt of court because their ban is against the constitution.

Su'a says village authority is important, but it has to conform to the constitution and its laws.

"We can't live two sets of rules here. We have the rule of law to abide by. And that's the only way forward for this country. It is very important to understand that we have a constitution and laws that everyone should follow. And that is where long term peace and justice is achieved. And injustice is happening because of the misapplication of the village council authorities to specific circumstances, like in my case."

Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong.

A second court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, but the mayor of Lano has already indicated he will refuse to obey to the court order.