14 Aug 2006

Fiji women get behind dollar a week scheme to build business funds

6:24 pm on 14 August 2006

Fiji's minister for women social welfare and poverty alleviation, George Shiu Raj, says women now have embarked on the so-called a dollar a week project.

As part of the UN's Millenium Development Goals each woman gives one dollar within their own social clubs.

Mr Raj says the project is aimed at women in villages wanting to start businesses to help their families.

Mr Raj says his Ministry is fully behind the project which will be beneficial for women wanting to enter the world of business.

"They are doing their very best within their womens organization and communities. 250 to 300 hundred thousand women who contribute a dollar week, quater million a month which then amounts to 12 million a year, that is a place where we can generate business for our womens organization in the country."

Mr Raj says that his ministry is committed to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger before 2015.