14 Aug 2006

New Zealand 18th out of 21 in latest survey on foreign aid levels

6:21 pm on 14 August 2006

New Zealand's relatively low levels of official foreign aid are again in the spotlight with this country ranked near the bottom of the latest Commitment to Development Index.

New Zealand's Council for International Development, or CID, says New Zealand's ranking at 18th out of 21 nations is another sign it is not pulling its weight.

CID says New Zealand was ranked sixth in a survey of nations helping to make the world a better place when other issues, such as investment, trade, security and technology are considered.

The executive director of CID, Rae Julian, says New Zealand has to increase its aid spending and should honour its United Nations commitment and set in place a timetable on how it would reach point seven percent of Gross National Income in foreign aid by 2015.