15 Aug 2006

Nauru replaces its collapsed air services with a new plane flying for Our Airline

7:19 pm on 15 August 2006

Nauru's airline, which collapsed late last year after an American bank impounded the island's single plane, is to be relaunched on September 4th with a new plane and a new name.

Nauru was able to buy a new plane after the Taiwan government provided around ten million US dollars in aid.

Initially the 737-300 will be used for twice weekly services from Australia, through Nauru and onto Kiribati and the Marshall Islands, but Transport Minister, Dr Kieren Keke, says other routes will be added.

It's to be called Our Airline and Dr Keke says this came from a brainstorming session on rebranding.

"It was decided quite early on in the piece that it would be a good approach to give the airline a new image and a new name. And the whole concept was to reflect the service that Air Nauru has always provided in the past - and that is a service for the region and particularly the sub-region of Micronesia."