16 Aug 2006

New Zealand urges Taiwan to stop meddling in Solomons politics

7:17 pm on 16 August 2006

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, says Taiwan should stop interfering in Solomon Islands politics.

Mr Peters says some countries, such as France, China and the US, make positive contributions to the region.

But he told a meeting of Commonwealth parliamentarians in Wellington that Taiwan played a key role in the troubles in Solomon Islands.

"Taiwan's involvement in the recent blow-up in the Solomon Islands is irrefutable. I think they were engaged in cheque book diplomacy and the outcome was disastrous. And I think we are entitled to say since we are involved alongside Australia trying to repair the situation: why don't you guys cut it out. And I think friends of Taiwan should be telling them as well because they are friends of ours: look, that's not the way things are going to be done here or can be done here."

Winston Peters