17 Aug 2006

Samoa Supreme Court orders new measures in Lano ban affair

10:18 am on 17 August 2006

The Supreme Court in Samoa has issued directions supporting its order to lift the Lano village ban against one of its traditional chiefs and leader of the Samoa party, Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong.

Justice Slicer QC has directed the Pulenu'u or village mayor, Malae'ulu Amoni, who was unable to appear because of ill health, to file a petition within seven days to the Lands and Titles Court.

The judge says this will seek further resolution of the ostracism.

The court has also directed the attorney general, Brenda Heather Latu, to prosecute the pulenu'u and other village matais for contempt of court.

The village pulenu'u last night told SBC Television that he's in full support of Justice Slicer' s direction for the matter to be heard in the Lands and Titles Court.

But he says there is no decision yet to lift the ban.

The petitioner Su'a Rimoni told the court that his supporters are willing to meet the other faction for reconciliation.

Su'a was banished because he refused to withdraw his petition alleging bribery and treating against the Minister of Broadcasting and Telecommunications.