17 Aug 2006

Survivors from Mexican fishing boat on way to Marshall Islands

10:27 am on 17 August 2006

Three Mexican fishermen have been rescued after drifting for months and thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean in a small boat.

The fishermen left their home village of San Blas on Mexico's Pacific coast in November and were blown 8,000 kms off course after their 8-metre fiberglass boat ran out of gas.

One of the three survivors, said in a radio interview from the ship that rescued them the three had eaten raw fish, ducks and seagulls to stay alive.

They were rescued a week ago by a Taiwanese tuna fishing trawler in waters between the Marshall Islands and Kiribati.

Eugene Muller, manager of the fishing firm that found them, says the crew of the trawler described the three survivors as very skinny and very hungry.