17 Aug 2006

Demand for end to nickel project in New Caledonia remains current say Kanak activists

6:32 pm on 17 August 2006

The leader of New Caledonia's Rheebu Nuu environmentalist group says its demand for a stop to the Goro Nickel project by September 24th still stands.

Raphael Mapou made the comment as further results are being released by experts looking at the two-billion US dollar project's impact on the environment

Mr Mapou says the construction of the plant is moving ahead too quickly because it will take another two years for the findings to be validated.

The project is to be completed next year and it is the largest enterprise in the region, currently employing about 2,000 people, among them hundreds of Filipinos.

In April, Rheebu Nuu activists vandalised the Goro site, causing 10 million US dollars worth of damage and stopping all work there for about three weeks.

The group says unless construction is suspended by September the 24th, there will further action.