18 Aug 2006

Senior Fiji Labour member urges party reforms

5:44 pm on 18 August 2006

One of the founding members of the Fiji Labour Party says it's time the party was reformed to make it more accountable to the people.

The call's come from the vice president, Krishna Datt, one of five dissident members who could face disciplinary action for questioning his leader's decision making style.

Mr Datt says the party's constitution, formed some 25 years ago, has not kept pace with change, including the introduction of Fiji's 1997 constitution.

"It is time that we got ourselves aligned properly to the concepts enunciated in the constitution of Fiji, which really will mean that we will have to democratise our party much more than it presently allows for."

Mr Datt says the party needs a constitution which focuses on consultation, dialogue and transparency.

He says an independent committee within the party should be set up review its constitution and he'll raise the matter at tomorrow's national council meeting.