19 Aug 2006

Protest application rejected in Fiji

7:00 am on 19 August 2006

Authorities in Fiji have rejected an application by the Vuda branch of the Labour Party to hold a protest outside the party's national council meeting in Ba today.

The most senior police officer in the west, Emori Laqai, is quoted as saying they do not want to take any chances with security.

The Vuda branch had earlier called for the disciplining of party leader Mahendra Chaudhry because he did not nominate their former MP, Vijay Singh, to the senate despite an undertaking to do so.

Meanwhile, one of the five senior dissident members against whom Mr Chaudhry dropped disciplinary charges in the Suva High Court on Thursday says the party has been ruled by one man for too long.

Poseci Bune has told the Fiji Sun Mr Chaudhry holds too many positions in the party which give him command over too thirds of the leadership in the party and a very strong influence over the FLP president.