22 Aug 2006

No arrest yet for arson of Samoan politician's guest house

6:38 pm on 22 August 2006

Police in Samoa have yet to make an arrest in the suspected arson of the guesthouse of the Su'a family in Lano, Savaii last week.

Assistant Police Commissioner Papali'i Li'o Masipa'u says people have been interviewed about the incident but no one has been charged.

The home of the Su'a extended family was set ablaze several hours after the court declared void the election of a ranking chief of Lano, incumbent MP and HRPP whip Mulitalo Siafausa Vui.

The court found Mulitalo guilty of bribery in the lead up to the March 6 elections, as alleged in an election petition filed by Samoa Party leader Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong.

New elections are being called for the Faasaleleaga nu,mber 4 constituency.

Mulitalio is ineligible to run but Su'a can.

Mulitalo has visited Lano to as he put it "maintain peace in the village" following the fire.