23 Aug 2006

Fiji Labour Party co-founder vows to fight expulsion efforts

9:53 am on 23 August 2006

One of the founders of the Fiji Labour Party and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, says it will not be easy to expel him and four other senior members.

Mr Datt has told Radio Legend that although the party president Jokapeci Koroi and its leader Mahendra Chaudhry seem to be pushing ahead with taking disciplinary action against them, he is confident they will not be expelled or lose their parliamentary seats.

Mr Datt's comments come after reports that the Labour Party is ready for by-elections should four of the five dissident members who are members of the House of Representatives be expelled.

Mr Datt says many legal battles are expected if Mrs Koroi and Mr Chaudhry continue on their current path.

He says rules and procedures have not been followed which is why Mrs Koroi and Mr Chaudhry withdrew their disciplinary action in the Suva High Court last week.

Mr Datt says his group believes that they will receive better justice in court than in meeting with their opponents elsewhere.

But Mr Chaudhry claims that all procedures were followed in last Saturday's national council meeting where 19 of its 26 members voted in favour of disciplinary action against the five.