25 Aug 2006

Fiji police commissioner reiterates call for coup inquiry

10:09 am on 25 August 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says a commission of inquiry into the May 2000 coup is needed to prevent similar criminal acts in the future.

Andrew Hughes says a commission of inquiry may not result in any prosecution but people need to know the truth because that can be a great safeguard for Fiji from groups that may contemplate committing a similar act in future.

Mr Hughes says the coup was "a plan that was hatched in 1999 but ran for over 12 months with many twists and turns."

The commissioner says he knows a lot about the coup because he has overseen its investigation.

But he says he cannot disclose the information that has been uncovered because it is not sufficient to prosecute people.

Mr Hughes says coup investigations have so far cost the police over 2-million US dollars with another 300-thousand expected to be spent in the next six months.

Among the police coup files still open are the alleged involvement of the former police commissioner, Isikia Savua, in the overthrow of the Labour coalition government, the removal of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara from the presidency and the identity of the coup financiers.