26 Aug 2006

Samoa's attorney general and assistant attorney general both resign

7:11 am on 26 August 2006

Samoa's attorney general Brenda Heather Latu, and assistant attorney general, Vaitimu Daryl Clarke have both resigned.

Brenda Heather Latu's contract with the government ended last month, and she had decided not re-apply for the position.

But Brenda Heather Latu told the Samoa Observer newspaper that recent criticism of her and her office over the handling of a former government minister's case is a contributing factor.

However, no reason has been given for the resignation of the assistant attorney general.

The deputy prime minister, Misa Telefoni, in a letter to the prime minister had said the attorney general lawyer, Daryl Clarke had been negligent in expressing a view that a o'o or the giving of food and money by former minister Mulitalo Siafausa Vui, was illegal.

Mulitalo was convicted in the Supreme court of bribery which resulted in him losing his parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, the attorney general's service will officially end on September 29 while the assistant attorney general will leave office in November.