28 Aug 2006

Concern in Samoa after resignation of Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General

5:38 am on 28 August 2006

There is concern in Samoa over the resignation of the attorney general, Brenda Heather Latu, and the assistant attorney general, Vaitimu Daryl Clarke.

Samoa's Opposition leader Le Mamea Ropati says he does not blame the attorney general for resigning, because he says she was facing a lot of pressure from the government.

Brenda Heather Latu told the Samoa Observer that recent criticism of her and her office over the handling of a former government minister's election case was a contributing factor.

However, no reason has been given for the resignation of the assistant attorney general.

Our correspondent in Samoa, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says the resignations have taken some people by complete surprise.

"It's a complete shock to most government people, and especially the public about the timing of the announcing of the resignation, and I think everyone knew that the resignation was a result of the court case of the former cabinet minister."