28 Aug 2006

Kanak group pushes campaign against New Caledonia's Goro project

3:08 pm on 28 August 2006

The New Caledonian Kanak environmental Caugern group says plans to organise public discussions about the two-billion US dollar Goro Nickel project start this week.

The Goro project is the biggest industrial enterprise in the South Pacific, but faces strong opposition on environmental grounds, mainly from the Kanak Caugern and Rheebu Nuu groups.

The opponents have told Goro to stop all construction by September the 24th, or face action.

Caugern's Pierre Chauvat says they will start the public meetings this week with the screening of a film about the Goro Nickel project made by a Rheebu Nuu member.

"Until the 24th of September, we will give meetings to emphasise and give information of Goro. So, that is the strategy of Caugern and Rheebu Nuu on Goro those few days."

Mr Chauvat says they want to encourage as much public debate as possible.

Goro Nickel's, Catherine Guillaume, says the company welcomes the meetings called for by its opponents, because she says, dialogue is better than violence.