30 Aug 2006

Samoan politician claims payment for not lodging election petition

10:10 am on 30 August 2006

Samoa's Progressive Political Party leader and former Civil aviation and shipping minister, To'alepaiali'i Toesulusulu Si'ueva, says he is still waiting for full payment of 30,000 US dollars promised to him by Foreign Affairs Associate Minister, Vaeolenofoafia Tapasu Leung Wai.

In a letter to several media organisations To'alepaiali'i says he was promised the money in exchange for not lodging an election petition against the MP.

The two men contested the same seat in the recent election.

To'alepaiali'i told the Samoa Observer newspaper, that he had only received about 10,000 US dollars.

He insists that the remaining amount must be paid immediately or the associate minister and MP for A'ana Alofi number three will face the consequences.

Vaeolenofoafia told the newspaper that he had received a copy of the letter and had referred it to his lawyer.