30 Aug 2006

Samoa seeks return of man in identity switch case

3:42 pm on 30 August 2006

The Samoa and New Zealand Immigration departments are negotiating for the return of a Samoan citizen, who is alleged to have used his cousin's birth certificate to live in New Zealand through the annual immigration quota scheme.

The un-named man had applied in the quota scheme last year and was selected.

His alleged offence was discovered when his cousin early this year approached the National Provident Fund, or NPF, for the withdrawal of his financial contribution.

However, the NPF Corporate Manager, Tagaloasa Uili, says the office found the financial contribution had already been withdrawn by the other man.

Tagaloasa says the man was able to do this by presenting a passport and all travel documents processed under his cousin's birth certificate.

The matter is being investigated by the police and a senior government official says arrangements have been made for the return of the un-named man to answer his alleged crime.