4 Sep 2006

Chinese couple face multiple charges over alleged prostitution racket

10:40 am on 4 September 2006

A Chinese couple accused of operating a prostitution business at a karaoke bar in Pago Pago has been charged with multiple offences.

Fu Shen Kuo and Shengu Wang face ten counts each of promoting prostitution, kidnapping, felonious restraint, harboring an illegal alien and assault.

The police action came after two Chinese women fled from a karaoke bar and hostel and alleged they had been forced to have sex with customers.

The women had jumped from the third floor of the premises then flagged down a passing police vehicle.

The government alleges in its case that the female defendant lured Chinese women to the territory on the pretense that they would work for a store she owned.

Instead they became waitresses at the Bao Lai bar.