8 Sep 2006

30 year old power cable on Niue may soon by replaced

9:57 am on 8 September 2006

The Niue government is talking with New Zealand about a comprehensive upgrade of its power system.

This comes after more power outages caused by faults in the dilapidated 30 year old main cable circling the island.

New Zealand flew a new generator and other equipment to Niue in June after a fire at its power station brought most economic activity on the island to a stand still.

The public works minister, Fisa Pihigia, disagrees that the entire power infrastructure needs rebuilding but he says the government has put a proposal to New Zealand on how old cable can be replaced.

"We had talks last week with the New Zealand representative who came up here with the joint consultation group and yes, things are rolling, except that New Zealand considers that there is a need for someone to come in and have a scoping exercise."