8 Sep 2006

PNG government says it's tackling violence against women

1:29 pm on 8 September 2006

Papua New Guinea's Internal Security Minister, Alphonse Willie, says his government is trying to curb violence against women.

Earlier this week, Amnesty International called on the government to fulfil its obligations to ensure the safety of women.

In a report, it said extreme violence directed at women is very commonplace in PNG and often police do not investigate.

Amnesty also said many women are assaulted by police, sometimes when they go to police stations to report violence.

Mr Willie claims the reports exaggerate the level of violence, but he says his government is working with NGOs to try and raise awareness about the problem, and is increasing disciplinary procedures within the police.

"Once it is reported we have our disciplines within the force, which we take action upon. Against those officers concerned."

Mr Willie says the government hopes that improvements to police employment conditions will lead to improved performances.