19 Sep 2006

American Samoan hospital reacts to dialysis deaths

3:20 pm on 19 September 2006

The LBJ Medical Centre in American Samoa has responded to Senate President Lolo M. Moliga's concern over reports of a recent increase in dialysis patients' deaths at the territory's only hospital.

Lolo told Senators that at least five or six dialysis patients died over the past two months and this was very unusual.

LBJ chairman Charles Warren says the death of any LBJ patient is closely reviewed by the Mortality and Mobility Committee to assess causes and to determine if changes in treatment are needed.

He said it was unfortunate that dialysis patients are among the sickest patients and may appear to have disproportionately high death rates.


Lolo asked the Senate Health Committee to meet LBJ officials to discuss reasons for the increase in dialysis patient deaths, adding that the Senate is not accusing the hospital of anything.