21 Sep 2006

Solomon Islands police commissioner says robbery motivation behind attack

3:00 pm on 21 September 2006

The suggestion by a Solomon Islands politician, Peter Boyers, that an attack on his offices was politically motivated is being dismissed by the police commissioner.

Commissioner Shane Castles says there is nothing to suggest that this is the case.

Mr Boyers said the raid on his company office could have been an attempt to intimidate him as a witness against one of two jailed MPs charged with inciting April's riots in Honiara.

There have also been concerns voiced by prominent business people in the city that there is a sense of unease due to the political instability and the forthcoming motion of no confidence against the government.

Mr Castles says he doesn't have that sense of unease and police are out on the streets monitoring the situation.

He says the attack on Mr Boyers office was down to robbery.

"I'd like to put that in perspective. Unfortunately, there were a number of business houses that were targetted that night by groups of young men with the intention of robbery and also stealing property. So, yes, whilst Mr Boyers's premises were obviously targetted, there were others as well and they're being investigated."

Mr Castles says arrests have been made.