22 Sep 2006

Democratic leader in Cooks says Jim Marurai backs party hopping legislation

4:31 pm on 22 September 2006

The leader of the Cook Islands Democratic Party Dr Terepai Maoate says its members are behind the move to pass legislation to stop party hopping.

His comments come ahead of next week's general election when, just under ten thousand voters will go to the polls two years early.

The election follows the dissolution of parliament in July by the Queen's Representative, Sir Fred Goodwin.

He acted despite the opposition party winning a by-election in Matavera to give it a majority to form a new government.

Dr Maoate says the Prime Minister, Jim Marurai, who changed party mid-term, is also supportive.

"He would definitely take the anti party hopping legislation as high in his priorities, unfortunately he was one of those, and many of us have been involved in that kind of thing."