25 Sep 2006

Cooks candidate campaigns on women's issues

5:04 pm on 25 September 2006

The contesting candidate for the Matavera electorate in the Cook Islands, Cassey Eggleton, says the issues of young women is top of her list heading into this election

Ms Eggleton, a Democratic Party candidate, is contesting her first general election, after sitting member Vaine Teokotai lost the by election earlier this year, won by Cook Islands Party candidate, Kiriau Turepu.

Ms Eggleton says she has firm ideas about what she wanted to address.

"We have tenage pregnancies, and these mothers need to be educated and also the children need to be taken care of. And also school children, Te Reo Maori [?], need to be revived. And these are some of the issues, apart from the agriculture, bridges and things need to be reinforcd, and hurricane shelters need to be looked at and maintanance of some of the buildings [need to be] reinforced."

Cassey Eggleton, a Democratic Party candidate.