26 Sep 2006

Cooks about to go to polls

6:06 pm on 26 September 2006

The Cook Islands will have an election tomorrow and about 10,000 voters are eligible to go to the polls.

The election is being held two years earlier than expected after Parliament was dissolved in July.

The dissolution followed the Matavera by-election, which was won by the opposition Cook Islands Party and was previously held by the Democratic Party.

Elma Mau'a reports.

"The lobbying will come to an end, as candidates prepare to what some are claiming will be a close race. One seat has already been won by the democratic party with Penrhyn island in the northern group filled one candidate. There are ten electorates on the main island, Rarotonga, while there are 13 in the outer islands. An opinion poll carried out with 200 voters show that the two major political parties could end up with 12 seats each. This election has cost the electoral office 300 000 dollars and many are hoping there will be a clear winner because the country cannot afford another snap election."