27 Sep 2006

New Caledonia general strike in third day

3:18 pm on 27 September 2006

The general strike in New Caledonia, called by the Federation of New Caledonian Workers Union, or CSTNC, on a range of issues has entered its third day.

Some CSTNC leaders are currently in a meeting with the government.

Our correspondent, Tuo Chinula, says the public is beginning to feel the effects of the strike.

"There's no sign that it's letting up. Although in some sectors it has lifted some of the blockades, in particular at the industrial bakeries around Noumea. Now it looks as if it would also affect public transport, because public transport companies are running low on their fuel reserve, that is busses, and also the domestic and also the international airlines."

Tuo Chinula says union members are blocking the Goro Nickel headquarters in Noumea, and company spokesperson, Catherine Guillaume says about one hundred employees are affected.

Since yesterday, demonstrators have prevented the company ferry that transports workers between Noumea and the nickel construction site at Goro, from sailing.

Police has lifted a roadblock set up at Saint Louis on a road that leads to the Goro construction site.