27 Sep 2006

New Caledonian unionists in court over port blockade

7:25 pm on 27 September 2006

About a dozen members of New Caldonia's Kanak USTKE union, including its president, have appeared in a Noumea court over an illegal port blockade.

The unionists blockaded the port in Noumea earlier this year to prevent multi-national shipping companies, Maersk and MSC, from docking.

Violent clashes erupted between police and the unionists who faced charges of disruption of freedom of movement.

A USTKE union representative, Pierre Chauvat, says its president, Gerard Jodar, will appear in court next month.

"The judgement is to be delivered on November 6th for the fifteen persons, and for Mr Jodar a new appeal is due on October 26."

Pierre Chauvat.