28 Sep 2006

Biggest winner in Cook Islands elections celebrates

10:47 am on 28 September 2006

The winner of the biggest electorate in the Cook Islands the Democratic Party candidate Pastor John Tangi, is celebrating a historic win.

His party swept to a win after the preliminary results showing the Demo's with 14 seats while the Cook Islands Party who lost three key seats with 10.

The Tupapa-Maraerenga seat has been a stronghold for the CIP since 1965, but last night, it changed hands for the first time.

But Pastor Tangi who won by 56 votes says he's pleased it's all over.

"It has been an exciting campaign very tiring and there was a lot of mileage to cover because Tupapa-Maraerenga is the largest constituency more than one thousand voters, and yes it has been exciting."

The caretaker Prime Minister Jim Marurai whose due back on the main island Rarotonga today won his seat in Mangaia as to the leader of the Democratic Party Dr Terepaii Maoate.