28 Sep 2006

WHO to set up network for regional health workers

3:16 pm on 28 September 2006

The World Health Organisation's Pacific representative, Dr Ken Chen, says it is setting up a regional network for health workers in the region.

Dr Chen says the aim is to offer training and networking opportunities for Pacific health workers to upskill.

Dr Chen, whose office is based in Fiji, says many small island states struggle with similar health issues - such as tuberculosis, non communicable diseases, HIV aids, typhoid and mental health.

He says because staff, training opportunities and resources in the region are lacking, this network is needed.

"We've identified what is the strength and capacity, and the second one is improve the communication among the Pacific island countries. So we also planned some course options in the Pacific Open Learning network, and its in its preparation stage now."

Dr Ken Chen says he expects the network to be officially launched in 2007.