29 Sep 2006

Cooks Democratic Party vows to keep election promises

1:33 pm on 29 September 2006

The leader of the Democratic Party in the Cook Islands has made a commitment to live up to its pre-election promises

Dr Terepai Maoate's Party won 14 seats over the Cook Islands Party with ten according to preliminary results following this week's snap election.

He says there are three marginal seats he is confident of winning back which could give the party the two thirds of seats needed to fulfill election promises.

"It's very excited at this stage with 14 in our numbers, and looking forward to these three others, which means, if we get these three others it means we will be having the two thirds majority which would really be good for us to keep to our promises with in particular the political reform."

These include cutting back on the number of MP's, reducing the term of government, and passing legislation on party hopping.