2 Oct 2006

Solomons mob attacks Australian church mission in Honiara

4:03 pm on 2 October 2006

An Australian church mission in Solomon Islands has been attacked and looted by a mob of armed men.

The head of the Solomon Islands Working Group, Kevin Rietveld, says the mission in Honiara was attacked on Saturday.

He says a Seventh Day Adventist mission was also attacked at the weekend and a woman was raped.

Mr Rietveld was injured as was another Solomon Islands man.

Four other Australians at the base were unharmed but an email distributed through the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, which runs the mission, said the mob had caused significant damage.

All phones were cut and computers and radios were stolen in the attack.

The mob, armed with knives, also stole credit cards, air tickets and passports of 27 volunteers, mainly from the Australian state of New South Wales.

Mr Rietveld says it was the first time the mission had been attacked.