9 Oct 2006

Call for Pacific nations to look for suspected pirate vessel

11:11 am on 9 October 2006

Pacific countries are being warned about a suspected pirate fishing boat that has fled Kiribati authorities and run to the high seas.

Greenpeace is calling for all Pacific Island countries to keep an eye out for, and to investigate on sight, the Dongwon 117, which is Korean owned .

The fishing boat has been at sea for over a year, and has consistently failed to report to relevant authorities, which means there is no way of knowing where the ship has been, nor how much it has caught.

Greenpeace and Kiribati officers boarded and inspected the Dongwon 117, and ordered her captain to stop fishing.

However, after hauling in its fishing lines, the boat made a break for the high seas.

Greenpeace launched a helicopter and the authorities again ordered the vessel to stop but it started steaming off at high speed.

The Chief Greenpeace oceans campaigner, Lagi Toribau, says he is calling for all Pacific Countries to be on high alert for this suspected pirate vessel.