12 Oct 2006

American Samoa's director of education placed on leave as investigation gets underway

6:40 am on 12 October 2006

American Samoa's director of Education Malaetele Dr Lui Tuitele has been placed on leave by Governor

Togiola Tulafono while an investigation gets underway.

This follows a meeting yesterday between the governor and Malaetele to discuss problems in the department of education.

The most controversial is the theft of student funds by a school secretary who has admitted to stealing 6-thousand US dollars.

Another controversial issue was that a senior administrator deployed to Iraq still received their wages despite a directive by the governor that all reservists be placed on leave without pay during deployment.

Governor Togiola says Malaetele has been placed on leave for two weeks pending the outcome of an investigation by the Governor's Office.

The governor has also asked the attorney general to look into some of the findings by his office's preliminary inquiry.