16 Oct 2006

Samoa public warned of low water supply in catchments areas

5:43 am on 16 October 2006

Samoa's water authorities have warned the public of a possible increase in water supply problems if people are not careful in using water.

The warning comes as many families around the town area in villages of Vaitele and Vailele, are already experiencing water problems.

Samoa Water Authority's, chief executive, Moefa'auo Titimaea, says such difficulties could spread to other villages and problems such as leaking taps need to be fixed in order to conserve water supply.

Moefa'auo says low levels at the main treatment plant in Fuluasou are a big part of the problem.

He said the high demand for domestic use of water and electricity hydro power stations were also contributing factors.

The water authority says there is a great need to promote metering water to control the misuse of water around the country.