16 Oct 2006

New Zealand law body looks for convergence in human rights and Pacific custom

3:55 pm on 16 October 2006

The New Zealand Law Commission hopes further study will be done into how human rights and Pacific customs might converge.

The study paper provides an overview and strategies to help resolve conflicts between various Pacific custom and human rights issues.

It examines issues on the rights of women, children and minorities, and freedom of speech, religion, and movement.

Researcher Helen Aikman says she hopes the two-year study paper will motivate others to discuss and research the idea.

"It's really a question for those who are working in that area, judges, lawyers, government policy makers but also NGO's to take them up and work with them. We hope that some aid agencies will also assist in the process, but its really left over to those people to see if its useful or not."

Helen Aikman says the Law Commission study, called Converging Currents: Customs and Human Rights in the Pacific, is available on their website.