17 Oct 2006

Fiji Times gives sex movie copy to police

2:28 pm on 17 October 2006

The Fiji Times has handed over to police a copy of pornographic film that claims to have been shot in Fiji.

The newspaper says the DVD is called Fijian Sex Story and lists the filming locations as resorts in Nadi, Suva, Pacific Harbour and Savusavu.

But the paper's Editorial Training and Development Manager, Steve McCully, says there are suggestions that titles and credits have been copied onto a film shot elsewhere:

"Well, Fiji has a very active pirate video industry and dvd industry. It's quite possible, one of the theories that's being floated here is that one of the pirate video shops could have dubbed it and by that by making it look Fijian it would have had greater sale appeal with people wanting to see if they could recognise someone I guess you could say."

Steve MCully of the Fiji Times