18 Oct 2006

Three time Olympic champion offers help to Maori and Pacific peoples

11:24 am on 18 October 2006

Former Olympic champion, Peter Snell, says he would like to work with Maori and Pacific people to improve their health and fitness.

Dr Snell whose expertise is fitness and exercise testing is currently in New Zealand from the United States on a 10 day visit hosted by Massey University.

He says the main problem for Maori and Pacific people is change in diet and lack of exercise, and he would like to assist them in putting together a programme to address health issues.

"I'm not here to come and say you need to do this you need to do that, we know that Pacific Islanders and Maori are very high risk for diabetes, not only that but also cardio vascular problems they know it, and if they're interested then I would love to help in some way."