19 Oct 2006

CEO of Samoa's Broadcasting Corporation denies attacking a journalist

6:56 am on 19 October 2006

The CEO of Samoa's Broadcasting Corporation, Galumalemana Faiesea Matafeo, has denied attacking a journalist outside the district court house.

The alleged attack took place while the journalist was taking a photo of Galumalemana's son who is facing two charges of negligent driving causing death and causing injuries.

Galumalemana told Radio Polynesia that the accusations were basically lies and it is an attempt to defame her family.

But she admits of telling the reporter not to take her son's photo.

The journalist suffered minor injuries.

The Editor of the weekly newspaper where the reporter works for and former president of the Pacific Island News Association, Faumuina Lance Polu, says the chief executive of the government television and radio should know better.

Faumuina reminds the government television and radio CEO, of the media's important role in reporting of what is best to the interest of the public.