19 Oct 2006

NGO in Vanuatu says growing use of marijuana is a major problem

7:55 am on 19 October 2006

The association of NGOs in Vanuatu or VANGO says the growing use of marijuana is a problem which is now facing the country.

Concerns are being raised at the high number of young people using marijuana, and also the increase in cases of students using marijuana in some secondary schools.

Police say its received reports of young people using the drug and it has become a national problem.

A spokesperson for VANGO, Henry Vira, says there has definitely been an increase in the use of marijuana.

"Every week there is young people being arrested for the use of marijuana or possession and cultivation of the plant."

Henry Vira says his organisation is looking at setting up a group which deals with substance abuse, and hopefully that can be expanded to help deal with the current problem in the country.