23 Oct 2006

Samoa police probe alleged assault of journalist by TV boss

1:38 pm on 23 October 2006

The police in Samoa have finally received a complaint from a journalist at the center of an alleged assault by the chief executive officer of the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation, Galumalemana Faiesea Matafeo.

The acting police commissioner, Papali'i Li'o, says the journalist, Atofu Moana of Le Samoa newspaper, has claimed the CEO of the national television and radio had assaulted and threatened him outside the district court house.

According to the acting commissioner, Mr Moana told police that he was taking the photo of the chief executive's son who is facing two charges of negligent driving causing death and injuries when the incident happened.

Papali'i says it will take one week for police to carry out investigations before any charges against the CEO could be filed.

Galumalemana has denied attacking the journalist, but admitted she had told the journalist not to take her son's photo.