24 Oct 2006

Solomon Islands police say it acted lawfully in executing search warrant

11:39 am on 24 October 2006

Solomon Islands police have released a statement saying they acted lawfully in executing a search warrant at the offices of the prime minister last Friday.

The police were investigating the illegal entry into the country of three men including suspended attorney general Julian Moti.

Police say only the office of an administrative assistant was entered and at no time did the police enter the prime ministers' private chambers or cabinet rooms.

Police say they asked staff to allow them entry but the response was unco-operative.

They say the warrant authorised the police to search for and seize a fax machine and other documentation.

The statement says it is understood that a large group of people assembled which may have influenced the way police acted.

The manner in which the warrant was executed is now the subject of a joint internal investigation by the Solomons police and the participating police force.