24 Oct 2006

Solomon Islands' opposition calls for prime minister and foreign minister to resign

11:56 am on 24 October 2006

The Solomon Islands opposition leader Fred Fono has reiterated his recent call for the Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister to resign.

Mr Fono says their resignations would allow free investigation into the recent flight into Solomon islands of Attorney general Julian Moti.

His call follows recent developments in the Moti saga.

These include the arrest of Immigration minister Peter Shanel, the raids of the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogovare's office and the Immigration department by Police, and Mr Sogovare's threat to deal with the Police Commissioner and the Solicitor General.

Mr Fono accuses the governments of Papua new Guinea and Solomon Islands of collaboration in arranging Mr Moti's flight to Munda, Western province, without a passport and immigration clearance documents.

Mr Fono says the threat by Mr Sogovare on the Police Commissioner and the Solicitor General has become a reality.

He says the government has already terminated the AusAis funding under which the Police Commissioner Shane Castles has been paid, and points to the sudden decision by Solicitor general nathan Moshinsky to leave the country.